Tanktransport Peeters commands an utterly professional and well maintained fleet of vehicles to guarantee the safe and reliable transportation of ADR-products. All the trucks and trailers are equipped with cutting edge technologies guarded by the most rigorous safety precautions. Regularly, the fleet is subject to strict inspections and controls.

All the transport orders are efficiently allocated to the suitable and available equipment. The trailers are used product-dedicated and are equipped with dedicated hoses, couplings and safety accessories. Moreover, all the trucks are also equipped with compressors and Tanktransport Peeters does not hesitate to adapt the equipment to its customers needs.

The dedicated trailers of Tanktransport Peeters can, among others, be used for:

  • Hydrochloric acid solution (UN 1789)
  • Potassium hydroxide solution (UN 1814)
  • Sodium Hydroxide solution (UN 1824)
  • Sulphuric acid solution (UN 1830)
  • Nickel sulphate solution (UN 3264)
  • Cabalt Chloride solution (UN 3082)

The fleet, counting more than 45 trailers, can be subdivided into:

  • One compartment stainless steel trailers
  • One compartment uranus trailers
  • One compartment coated trailers
  • One compartment HII trailers
  • One compartment isolated uranus trailers
  • Stainless steel trailers with compartments

Thanks to the professional and responsible handling of the equipment by the personnel, the fleet of Tanktransport Peeters finds itself in an admirable condition.

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